Wrestling Ernest Hemingway 1993

Title: Wrestling Ernest Hemingway
Languages: English
Genres: Drama, Romance,
Runtime: 2:03:00 Hour
Cast: Robert Duvall, Richard Harris, Shirley MacLaine
Directors: Randa Haines
MPA Rating: PG-13
Rating: 7 (3301 Votes)
TomatoMeter: 59 %
Audiance Score: 69 %
Critics Consensus: Predictable but moving, Wrestling Ernest Hemingway is an understated and melancholic drama that gets plenty of mileage out of an outstanding cast that includes Robert Duvall, Richard Harris, Shirley MacLaine, and Sandra Bullock.
Year: 1993
Summary: Two lonely, retired septuagenarians, an unkempt, hard-drinking Irish sea captain, and a fussy, well-mannered Cuban barber form an uneasy friendship.